About Mario Gómez

I provide accurate and professional Spanish legal and financial translation services.

My specializations in legal translation include Contract Law, Company Law, Family Law and Criminal Law.

If what you need is financial translation, I specialize in trade contracts, international commerce, shares and corporate finance, business results, bank finances and mercantile companies.

Why work with me?

Legal translation requires not only a proficient level in the languages you work with but also a deep knowledge of the legal field. As a professional translator and a legal translation specialist, I meet both requirements.

My journey

I grew up in an international environment. From a young age I was lucky to attend an international school in Maastricht (The Netherlands) where I was in contact with many different languages every day. This gave me the opportunity to become bilingual in English and be used to using and working in different languages. Since then, languages have become my passion

I then decided to turn of my passion for languages into my professional career.  I successfully graduated as a professional Translator and Interpreter at the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid. 

At university I followed three specializations:

                       – Legal translation 

                       – Scientific translation

                       – Technical translation 

After college I decided deepen my knowledge of legal translation even further. I became a legal translation expert, gained experience translating a wide variety of legal documents and learned the appropriate legal vocabulary of a legal translator.

While I can translate any kind of legal document, my fields of specialization are Common Law, Civil Law, Family Law (prenuptial agreements, divorces, last wills, legacies, codicils, testaments, successions, etc.), Contract Law (agreements, contracts, tenancy agreements, real property, etc.), Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Criminal Law (offenses, judgments, crimes) and Company Law.

What I offer

accurate translations

personalized services

on-time delivery

after-sales support

Is there anything I can help you with?

Reliable translations