Legal translation

Legal translation is one of the most specialized and important fields of translation. Legal translators not only have to translate languages, but also Law and legal systems which are culture-dependent

Different countries and cultures have different legal systems. Legal translators must master these differences so as to provide a professional translation. Moreover, legal documents are very specific. Translators must have a deep legal knowledge so as to fully understand them in different languages and translate them into their own. 

Why work with me?

I am a language expert: I hold a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting in English, French and Spanish. I always translate from English to Spanish, which is my mother tongue. 

I am a legal translation specialist: my fields of expertise include Common Law, Civil Law, Family Law (prenuptial agreements, divorces, last wills, legacies, codicils, testaments, successions, etc.)Contract Law (agreements, contracts, tenancy agreements, real property, etc.)Trusts, Powers of Attorney Criminal Law (offenses, judgments, crimes, etc.) and Company Law, but I can translate any kind of legal document. 

What I offer

Accurate translations

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